Hi my name is DJ and I'm boring. This tumblr was supposed to be a compilation of my drawings and random junkus, but I think it's just a pile of junks now lol I reblog most of the time so uh, thanks for the follow!

And uh, my icon is actually Kyohei Kaneko from EMALF <3 (ilufflekyohei → I love Kyohei... geddit?! lol)

More about me!

I recently started Kyosuke’s route in Celebrity Darling GREE and while I’m happy to see Sho in his route, I’m still not sure whether playing Kyosuke’s route is a good or a bad thing because goddammit Sho I miss you so muchhhhh D’: Why can’t there be more stories about Sho??????

I actually drew something for Sho’s birthday last February but I’ve never really managed to finish the drawing coz a couple of my relatives passed away two days in a row and it was really a huge blow. After that I got lazy to continue lol


God I was even lazy to finish the sketch xD Sho is supposed to wear his shirt but I usually draw my people naked first and since I got lazy I never got to draw him in shirt ahaha and me the girl is supposed to wear the pajama that Sho gave after Sweet Ending of his route.

Will probably continue working on this in 5 years or never.

; w ;


Naruto! Also done in Illustrator during my internship days lol I haven’t read the manga since Pain destroyed the Hokage village I wonder what’s going on now?

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I found a couple of doodles I made during my internship earlier this year. This was done in Illustrator coz I recalled that I was running low on ideas to design some stuff lol

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My OC; Ariende (left) and Mel (right).


I actually have a number of unfinished assignments to do but eh…

I wanna draw something but I dunno what to draw!!!

Maybe I should go draw Sho heehees or Johannes hees

Speaking about Sho, and Johannes, I’m so madly in love with the two of them!!! Well I like Sho more than Johannes lol why can’t Sho be a real person ; w ; If I were to finish playing with his route, I don’t think I’ll ever play the routes from the other Wave members. I don’t remember the number of the chapter I’m currently playing, but it’s the one with Sho and the MC staying overnight at an inn or somewhere after Sho’s car stalled in the middle of nowhere, or somewhere. I can’t believe they haven’t kissed yet!!! Obviously they like each other, they go on dates and they hold hands while walking, and Sho even had realized that he loves the MC, GO KISS ALREADY! Actually in the previous scene they were about to kiss but then because of some stupid cat’s fault, they didn’t get to kiss ARGHHH! It frustrates me so much! 

I even downloaded all of the Wave songs lol Why isn’t Wave be a real idol group ; w ; coz the songs are good and I really like Sho’s seiyuu’s voice too. NARITA YUNOSUKE Y CAN’T I FIND MORE INFO ABOUT YOU ARGHH! My favorite songs from them are Eternal Sunshine, Destiny and obviously Sho’s solo Kimi to Hoshi Meguri and for the past week I’ve only been listening nothing but them heehees. 

And Johannes… The Johannes in the 2nd story frustrates me so much too! I thought his character development was really good throughout the end of his Story 1. I was really excited to read his Story 2 but then… as soon as Story 2 started I felt like Johannes reverted back to the immature brat he was in the beginning of Story 1 :/ Don’t get me started on the MC too! I thought she’d really be willing to get married to Johannes but then urgh. So stupid.

Ok this wasn’t supposed to be long but I kinda get dragged so yeah…

I’m gonna go eat my dinner and then I’m gonna play with Sho, Johannes, Roberto, Joshua (just recently finished Roberto’s route for the Secret Escape event) and Hyosuke hehehuehues I finished Enya’s route and I kinda missed him eh

I’m still bored and I still wanna draw something!



When I’m sad or feeling depressed, I don’t cut or hurt myself.


just lie down in bed and waste my hours.

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Cliff & Claire with their baby daughter of Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

Family portrait! This looks so scary XD

Wynda finally gave birth yesterday! It’s my first time in years that I played HM:MFoMT until my character gave birth ; w \ I named her Amelia hehe

But somehow the excitement died down after I remember that it will take about 60 days for the baby to grow into a toddler, and then another 60 days for her to grow to child stage. I’m already in Fall of 3rd year, so that means I have to wait until Fall of the 4th year for her to fully grow! I have no more things to look forward too, except for maybe the weddings of my rivals with the other bachelors, but I malas to play now wahhhh… This will be my last drawing for MFoMT, I think.

I’m going to play HM:Back to Nature next, as soon as I finish compiling all the guide and everything into one word doc. Maybe I’ll draw random scenes from BTN too! Hehe


Cliff & Claire of Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

Another drawing!

I was squealing when Cliff’s dialogue changed lol. The baby’s coming soon, I can’t wait!! Ahh I wonder what I should name her~!!


Cliff and the heroine of Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

(does she has a default name? coz i forgot…)

lol This is actually half-hearted work coz I don’t really spend much time on the sketch (thus the weird anatomy… I can’t anatomy anyway lol) and I still dunno how to shade… I dunno why I even bother to color… sometimes I ask myself, why do I even bother? lol

This drawing is based on the scene when Wifey talks to Cliff during his working hours at the winery (I included a screenshot of the actual scene). And Wifey is pregnant that’s why Cliff is a bit concerned. But Cliff honey I brought lunch for you better be thankful about it! lol



Chyuu told me to draw the anime version of Yu but when she saw this she thought his face looks more like Kyohei’s /sad lol